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COVID-19 Return to Tennis

Return to Tennis Guidelines: It is important that we all take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Guidelines have been developed to reduce the likelihood of contracting the virus while playing tennis. Before playing tennis, please review the guidelines which are available here:
 You must consider your individual situation, noting that the COVID- 19 virus can spread quickly and result in very serious medical complications in some people. Access to the Venue is provided on the basis that you will, at all times while at the Venue, adhere to those Guidelines.
We appreciate your cooperation in working together to make tennis as safe as possible for everyone.
We recommend that players should bring a glove or plastic bag to protect their hands when using the Pin Pad at the gate for entry. Please avoid touching surfaces when inside the entry gate.
Clubhouse toilets may be used by members with clubhouse access subject to the toilet use policy current at the time. The closest public toilets are located at:
Baden Powell Reserve - Pavilion
Humphries Rd
Frankston South VIC
Open: 24 hours

Risk warning: You acknowledge that by using the tennis courts and playing tennis you will be exposed to certain risks, including the risk of physical injury. You may also be exposed to the possibility of contracting an illness, including without limitation the COVID-19 virus. The COVID-19 virus can spread very quickly and result in very serious medical complications in some people. You agree that the use of the tennis courts is entirely at your own risk. You have read and understood this risk warning and voluntarily accept and assume the inherent risks in use of the tennis courts and playing tennis.

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